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Online Marketing
Marketing Services General Overview
A site without marketing gets lost in cyberspace because seeking success for any project without the use of well-thought marketing strategies is like trying to navigate a ship in bad weather, while under torpedo attack, and with neither a compass nor a clear idea of where you are going.

Advanced Information Technologies have made it crucial for a company to have its own Web site, which serves as a business card. But it is no longer a mere rule of etiquette but a way of boosting the profits, attracting more customers and getting in touch with the right partners. Our considerable experience in the sphere of Search Engine Optimization will give your Web site top-notch rankings in the major search engines and will ensure your success on the Internet.

Marketing Services Structure
An Internet Marketing Plan details the very important steps required to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It helps to differentiate your company and make your services distinct from similar Internet businesses. Our skilled Internet Marketing Managers will compile and develop an Internet Marketing Plan for your Web site which will embrace the following:
  1. Situation Analysis, which is necessary to position you firmly in the market. We will thoroughly study the situation that you are facing and will help you to track the trends which are taking place.

  2. SWOT Analysis. We will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to create the right marketing and promotional strategy.

  3. Competition Analysis. We will study the top 3 to 5 competitors and review their strengths, methods and web presence.

  4. Target Market Identification. We will help you to define your "best customers" in order to aim the marketing at a carefully defined group of people.

  5. Promotional and Marketing Tactics will include:
    development of a submission strategy
    target customer search phrase analysis
    development of your own affiliate program
    link-exchange, banner-exchange
    development of customer incentives

  6. Financial Analysis will include:
    figuring Break Even Point, i.e. the point where you'll come out ahead after paying all the fees
    considering Return on Investment (ROI)
    pricing strategy, which will have a number of different packages and trial memberships

Search Engine Optimization
Our trained professionals will visit and assess your site, then produce a report detailing our recommendations on meta tags, keywords and other key components of a high ranking. The service includes:
  1. Professional analysis of your site. We will evaluate any drawbacks and present an expert view on findability and the overall quality of your site

  2. Analysis of the most common search phrases used to find sites like yours

  3. Keyword and key phrase determination

  4. Detailed report pinpointing exactly what changes you should introduce in the content of your site to increase your ranking in the major search engine

Search Engine Submission
The service includes careful, intelligent submission to the search engines and directories that matter. It embraces:
  1. Automatic submission of your site to a great number of FFA sites, regional and industry-specific sites

  2. Manual submission of your site to the top search engines and directories for the best results. It includes submission to Google, Altavista, Lycos

  3. Manual submission of your site to general and subject-specific link directories

  4. DMOZ

  5. Paid Placement in LookSmart, Yahoo, Overture, Teoma, Inktomi

  6. Strategic Link Placement. To increase your web site's search engine ranking, we will place a great number of external links leading to your web site from other subject-specific web sites.
Site Maintenance
We confirm that your site is available through the major search engines and directories, and repeat search engine submission or even re-optimize your site whenever it has slid down in position. Our corporate policy includes answering all messages within 2 hours. We'll negotiate and determine what you really want and everything you need, will be done as soon as possible.


Marketing plan:
Complete analysis
(depending on the sphere your site deals with)
US$625-$1,500 order

Search engine optimization:
Optimization of your index page US$365.00 order
Optimization of your index page and up to five other pages US$625.00 order
Optimization of your index page and up to ten other pages US$995.00 order
Optimization of more than ten pages agreed price order

Search engine submission:
Automatic and manual submission to the major search engines and directories US$365.00 order
Submission to subject-specific directories
(like shopping malls)
US$440.00 order
Manual Link placement
(depending on the number of links)
US$475.00+ order

Site maintenance:
Site maintenance
(fee per month)
US$325.00+ order

You have to understand that your site will not be listed in the search engines and directories in the twinkling of an eye. Thus, the average time between submitting your URL and getting it into Google is 45-60 days. That can be explained by the fact that Google renews its database rather slowly and it does not depend on us in any way. However, it takes 3 to 5 days to place your site in paid listings as they renew their databases on a regular basis.

Our search engine optimization and submission increases your chances of higher ranking. We guarantee top search engine ranking if you work closely with us, react quickly to our suggestions, and update your website according to our proposals.
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