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Brand Identity

Humans are visual thinkers. We associate information with visual symbols, which is why many companies spend millions of dollars per year defining and shaping thier corporate image. The average consumer spends less than 10 seconds examining any printed ad, and less than 30 seconds examining a web site. The visual impact you make in those precious few seconds is paramount. In the future, those consumers will associate the products and services you offer with the visual information they recieved on their very first visit to your web site.

EasiWebsites specializes in creative graphics. We can create high-impact logos, business cards, advertisement layout and copy, brochures, letterheads, and envelopes.

The creation of a logo is typically one of the first steps in the development of a new business. An appealing, high-impact logo makes your business stand out among your competitors, improving brand recognition within your market, and providing a professional appearance reassuring your customers that they are making a wise choice.

EasiWebsites can create a new logo, or redevelop an existing one, that will be relevant to your business. Our talented artists are highly adept at creating metaphoric and symbolic representations for any kind of business. We have a wide range of graphic design packages available for you. Check out the sample stationary below or look through our portfolio for more examples.

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